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We are a forex education website. Our main goal is educate traders on how to trade forex.

95% of the accounts created in all the Forex brokers end up empty.

You need to be Very careful because Greed is your worst enemy.

There are thousands of forex signals advertisements out there, just check twitter facebook or instagram. Most of these people will show you images of huge profits, the sad truth is that you are very likely going to lose your money with them, because they are individuals just sending random signals without any track record.

There are other type of websites that are actual businesses with track records. They look more professional and they have been in the market for many years. Nevertheless they don't care about their members. Most of the times they will tell you something is going up and if it goes down they will tell you that there are retracements etc.. The truth is that they won't accept they were wrong or they will probably send you too many signals and you won't be able to open them all, therefore your results will never be the same they are advertising.

We have been trading for many years, just like you we found some forex ad somewhere and made a deposit in a forex broker and signed up for forex signals and started trading. This is when the reality hit us and we started losing money and we found ourselves making another deposit and another and another, in hopes for a good trade to make all our money back. And it never happened until we started trading following our own analysis and stayed away from forums.

The problem with forums is that members are just talking out loud their ideas without any analysis, most of them are gambling $20 usd accounts, which to them is gambling money. So you must stay away from forums.

We Don't know everything, we are here to help people succeed in forex markets by teaching them the proper way to place the trades, waiting for the best levels, identifying patterns and controlling the urges of making money. Please never ask us "When is this xxyyzz currency going to hit a target?".. because that tells us that you shouldn't be trading a live account yet. The answer is and will always be. "NOBODY KNOWS THE FUTURE". 

Here are some things you need to know before you start trading about FOREX MONEY MANAGEMENT that will completely make the difference between you being one of these 95% forex accounts that end up being blown out vs surviving enough time to see profits, because the key here is Surviving enough trades to make profits in the long run. Lets explain this further: if you place 10 trades and you end up losing 5 of them with 30 pips loss in average and other 5 trades in profit with 50 pips in average, it ends up being 150 pips loss vs 250 pips profit equals 120 pips profit. So you need to think about this in the long run; you will have placed 1000 trades then the results would be 1200 pips profit.

We wish you a great day, and be very safe.

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Regan McCook

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