Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our memberships

We offer a 10 DAY TRIAL for our PRO plan for $1 usd. This trial should be used for you to catch sight of how we operate to see if it suits your trading needs.
Absolutely YES! We will give you access to the PRO plan that includes Twelve (12) major forex crosses, one time only, for 10 days.
We offer a $1 usd Trial for our PRO plan. Visit the PLANS page and select the TRIAL. And you should ALWAYS ask every Forex Signals website for a Trial and use it to Demo Trade (use a demo account to follow the Signals they send you, Not your real money).
No. If you happen to find some trader or website that gives you a guarantee, you should ask them for a Money guarantee if you don't get the profits they promise.
Yes. This is in order to Verify that the contact information you entered is correct and to Reserve your paid membership at the end of the trial. You may Cancel Risk Free your trial any time before the 10 days to avoid your card being charged for the monthly membership at the end of the trial.
Your account gets deleted from the Email database and from the App database, therefore you will not have access to the Members only area in the website. You will no longer get any Signals or Alerts by email or App.
Yes you can, and you don't need to tell us anything. In the main menu at the top of the website, go to MEMBERS then LOGIN/MY ACCOUNT then MEMBERSHIPS and there you will find a button to cancel your Membership.
After you cancel your membership, your membership will remain active only until the end of period for which you have already paid.
We accept every CREDIT or DEBIT card in the world (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). We DO NOT touch, handle, or see your card's data because it is handled by one of the most secure payment processors in the world "STRIPE". Stripe is just like the machine you find in stores where you slide your card, but an Online version.
We do not use Paypal to process payments. Stripe uses a similar process as Paypal, using a CREDIT or DEBIT card to get the money from you to the merchant (us).
If you still have questions please CLICK HERE to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What to expect

We are one of the top choices in the forex world for forex signals. We are very selective when choosing the trades and follow up each one of our members questions in the Live Chatroom. You are never alone.
We send between 2 to 3 signals each week. Thus in one month there are between 10 to 15 signals sent to our members.
So far, the members that stick to the SIGNALS, have been making between 100 to 300 pips in one month time frame. We DO NOT promise you these same results. This is what our signals have been making in the past, but we do not know if they will be replicated in the future. Why not get a FREE TRIAL and DEMO TRADE to see if we are what you have been searching for.
Usually one (1) trade open at a time. And if we get another juicy opportunity there might be two (2) trades open at the same time in your account but not more than that. Opening too many trades at the same time will make you over leverage your account and it is possible you will end up losing your account sooner than later.
No senor, nien, nope. We will close some of our trades in loss manually and in some others our stop loss will get hit. If you know somebody that tells you that he/she ALWAYS wins every trade, you should give his contact data to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates so they can stop working and just invest all their money with them! Having said this, if somebody promises you only profits, then it is probably not true. Remember, "If it is too good to be true, then it is probably not true at all."
You get our SIGNALS and ALERTS by email and APP notifications. ​You get our FORECASTS by checking them in a members only area in the website. We send you an email and an APP notification when these forecasts have been updated, so you can check them in the website.
We use Email and we also use an APP to send you the Alerts and Signals, therefore you will always get them in your Smartphone, no matter if you are traveling between countries. As long as you have internet service, you will get our Alerts and Signals.
The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest version of Team App. Go to the App Store or Google Play and see if there is an update. IPHONE AND IPAD USERSThere are a few things to try here. Check you are not in "Do Not Disturb" modeSometimes, notification sounds and alerts can be blocked by the "Do Not Disturb" settings. Go to “Settings” on your home screen. Select “Do Not Disturb” Either turn off all options, or make sure that your scheduled “Do not disturb” times are not causing you not to see notifications. Make sure Notifications are turned on in your phone settingsPlease note that this process varies a little between versions of iOS. Go back to “Settings” (from your home screen) and select “Notifications” Scroll down until you see “Team App” Make sure that the “Alert Style” is set to either “Banners” or “Alerts”. While on that screen, also make sure you turn on all other options. Make sure Notifications are turned on in Team AppFirst of all make sure that you are logged in to Team App on your phone. Assuming that is the case, follow these steps to make sure notifications are turned on. Go to your Team App (ie. select a team from the home screen). Inside of your Team App, click on the “Settings” in the top right. Make sure that you have “Notifications” turned on. ANDROID USERSSorry, this can get complicated! There are a number of things to check. Check Version of AndroidIf you a running a version of Android below 4.0.4, you must be logged into your Google account in order to receive push notifications. To check, follow these steps: Find and select "Settings" from the applications screen. Select "About Phone", which is usually found as the last item on the list. Find the section that says, "Android Version". If the version is less than 4.0.4, now is a good time to try to update! To so this select "Software Update", and follow the prompts. If you don't want to update and you are less than 4.0.4, next we will verify whether you have a Google account linked to your phone. Return to the "Settings" screen, and select "Accounts & Sync" from the menu. If underneath the "Manage Accounts" section, there is no Google account, you will need to select "Add Account". On the following screen select "Google", and you will receive a straight forward set of prompts on how to either sign in, or create a new Google account. When done, revisit the "Accounts & Sync" screen, to confirm you have your new Google account linked. Check notifications are enabledIf you are running a version of Android newer than 4.0.4, lets check to see that you have notifications enabled. Select "Settings" from your menu. Select "Apps" (it is sometimes called "Application Manager") from the "Settings" menu. Find "Team App" from your applications listing (you can scroll to it or use the search function at the top of the screen). Ensure the "Show notifications" tick-box is selected. Check you are not in "Do Not Disturb" modeSometimes, notification sounds and alerts can be blocked by the "Do Not Disturb" settings. Select "Settings" from your menu. Select "Sound" from the "Settings" menu. Ensure that "Do not disturb" is off. If you are still not receiving push notifications, please contact Team App Help and we will look into it.


Our services – The complete feature-packed Forex platform

As a Member of PatternSniper you get: Signals - by email and App Forecasts - in a Members only area in the website FX Alerts - by email and App
Signals are our trade ideas Buy (long) or Sell (short). And include entry price, stop loss, and book profits levels.​
Forecasts are one (1) hr timeframe charts for each one of the major forex crosses in your membership plan. And these are updated two (2) times every day. First for NEW YORK session and then for EUROPE session.
Alerts are sent Intra day (after the NY session and/or after EUROPE session charts have been updated in the website). These are very profitable for our members since they can include: NEW levels to join an actual Move up or Down NEW patterns in play Reversal levels after a move up or down Possible bearish or bullish moves All these alerts will let you know what are the NEXT moves in the crosses, therefore you will be one step ahead of other traders.


How to sign up for a Membership

Yes you can make your payment with ANY MAJOR credit or debit card
The system will accept most Credit and Debit cards with the logo VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER.
CLICK CHERE to visit the PLANS page and choose the membership that's right for you, then fill out the form and get Instant Access to our forex signals + alerts + forecasts.
Click the "My Account" green tab on the upper right corner on the website, and Login with your email and password, and once logged in click the "My Account" button on the right control panel, and then click "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION". Note: The $1 usd for 10 days offer gives you access for 10 days to the PRO plan and unless you cancel, at the end of 10 days it will be continue as our PRO plan for $60 usd / month.