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Free Forex Signals Track Record

Our successful Free Forex Signals track record leads many traders to follow Pattern Sniper. The following table shows why we are the Best Forex Signals Provider. Feel free to view our videos of our recently sent signals so you can see how successful we are!

Facts About FREE Forex Signals

There are thousands of places where traders get FREE FOREX SIGNALS, but there is no such thing as a free meal and all these websites offering these Free services have a catch. Traders find out too late the reason why these free forex signals were free in the first place, and here are the most common you will find:

  • Their free signals are limited to just a few of their signals therefore to get the same results they advertise, traders need to buy their premium services.
  • Their free signals do not include the service of alerting their members with any kind of system such as emails, sms or app when new signals are created or when they close their trades manually.
  • The signals they send are low quality signals and in the long run, traders who follow these services will end up losing their equity.
Join the best forex signals provider by email and app

PatternSniper Forex Signals

Patter Sniper provides you with the best quality forex trading experience with worry-free trade ideas.

Our Forex Signals service includes all the features that other free forex signals services try to charge their members for, by calling them "premium services".

Our members get all these features for the same price:

  • Quality signals with entry price, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Emails and App notifications alert our members about new signals and their result after closing them.
  • VIP Support via email, with a response time of no more than 24 hr in all the support requests we receive from a member.

Trading Signals are backed up by live Charts

Pattern Sniper is the ONLY signals provider who is completely transparent and we make sure we take every extra step needed to do so.

When our team sends a signal, it includes the next features:

  • A technical chart for the instrument
  • The exact levels included in the signal to open the trade, stop loss and book profits.

After a signal hits either stop loss or take profit levels:

  • A "closed signal video" showing in real-time the instrument's move.
09142018-1-GBPUSD-Sell09/14/2018,20:00 gmtGBP/USDSELL1.3100-1.31301.31451.3050+50 PatternSniper.comHIT TPPatternSniper.comwatch video
09122018-1-EURUSD-Sell09/13/2018,11:00 gmtEUR/USDSELL1.1630-1.16401.16501.1595-20 PatternSniper.comHIT SL PatternSniper.comwatch video
09052018-1-BTCUSD-Sell09/05/2018,22:00 gmtBTC/USDSELL7000-725073856500+500 PatternSniper.comHIT TPPatternSniper.comwatch video
08302018-1-EURUSD-Sell08/31/2018,19:00 gmtEUR/USDSELL1.1658-1.17001.17201.1620+50 PatternSniper.comHIT TPPatternSniper.comwatch video
08292018-1-AUDUSD-Sell08/31/2018,11:00 gmtAUD/USDSELL0.7305-0.73500.73900.7210+95 PatternSniper.comHIT TPPatternSniper.comwatch video
08232018-1-AUDUSD-Sell08/24/2018,20:00 gmtAUD/USDSELL0.7285 - 0.73500.73550.7230+50 PatternSniper.comHIT
08082018-2-EURUSD-Sell08/10/2018,11:00 gmtEUR/USDSELL1.1590 - 1.16201.16351.1530+60 PatternSniper.comHIT
08082018-1-AUDUSD-Sell08/10/2018,11:00 gmtAUD/USDSELL0.7415 - 0.74400.74500.7350+65 PatternSniper.comHIT
07302018-2-AUDUSD-Sell08/07/2018,11:00 gmtAUD/USDSELL0.7415 - 0.74450.74500.7370, 0.7340+50 PatternSniper.comHIT
07302018-1-EURUSD-Sell07/31/2018,11:00 gmtEUR/USDSELL1.1700 - 1.17151.17211.1650-20 PatternSniper.comHIT SL

Some of our Forex Signals Features

High Accuracy

We make accuracy our priority and have a successful track record. We are excited to show you through our videos.

Device Freedom

We send Buy and sell signals by email and app to ensure you don't miss an opportunity for profit.

Set and Forget

We send our signals with plenty of time to place an order through your trading platform with exact entry level, stop loss, and take profit levels.

About Forex Signals

What is a Forex Signal? A Forex Signal is a suggestion or trade idea that a professional trader generates based on technical and proprietary analysis, to enter a trade either buying or selling on a foreign exchange pair at a specific price and time. There are three parts to a signal: entry price-where the investor buys, stop loss-an order at which the active trade will close limiting your loss at a price the trader set when opening the trade, and take profit is the price the trade will close hopefully in profits.

Get your first 10 days for $1 usd

Pattern Sniper has all the tools you need with our complete feature-packed Forex System.  You get it all: buy and sell signals, proprietary technical analysis, and intra-day trade ideas to help you succeed in the Forex Market.

How to use our Signals

Pattern Sniper sends signals to our members via email and app to make sure they get the opportunity to place the orders in your forex trading account.

Following our signals is very simple since for our members since every trade idea has a unique ID number. This ID includes a date, the instrument or forex pair and the action (Buy or Sell).

Our mission is to generate profitable and easy to follow only the best free forex signals on time. Our team of traders makes use of progressive ideas of price action, patterns, and proprietary technical analysis to identify moves and breakouts in order to spot high probability trades for the forex and commodities markets. Users who sign up for our service receive all our signals via Email and app. Some of the pairs we trade are AUD/USD, BTC/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, NZD/JPY, AUD/NZD, GOLD, SILVER, OIL, COPPER, the 24 hours of the day as long as forex market is open.


When you choose Pattern Sniper as your forex signal provider you are choosing a proven track record of trades. Nobody knows the future and this is a key statement a trader must understand when trading forex. There are ups and downs and a trader should expect to lose some trades. As long as we keep our winning trades bigger than the losing trades, we will make profits. The stop-loss plays a key role when trading forex because the leverage can make big profits and also big losses.


Our team of professional traders always advise our members to risk only 1% or 2% max of their whole trading account every time they follow one of our trades. This way the trader has the opportunity to lose some trades and still have equity to place the next trade.


One interesting advice our team of professional traders gives to our members is to not deposit all their equity for trading in their trading account. Due to forex being a trading system with leverage, the temptation to open more than the recommended positions is tempting. By only having a fraction of your trading money in your trading account, a trader controls their anxiety to risk more money.