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Risk Warning!

This statement does not give full disclosure of all the risks that are involved in spot foreign currency and forex market.

Owing to the huge amount of volatility that is involved in the foreign currency market, the purchasing and subsequent sales of off exchange currency involves a lot of risk. Off exchange forex trading is not suitable for a lot of people. You should only enter into this form of trading after you have analyzed the possible risks involved thoroughly and meticulously. One should not enter into this transaction until and unless they are prepared to sustain a full loss of their purchased price. One should read, analyze and understand the disclosure of risk that are related to trading off exchange foreign currency transactions. We send the report to all our investors that connect with profit forex signals.

The leverage degree can either work for you or against you as well. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when you are investing in forex. You have to check out investment objectives, the experience level required, the risk involved and even other options too. There may be a lot of loses that you may end up incurring and so you should not put in the money which you cannot afford to lose. In rare cases, it may so happen that you may face a loss amount that can be greater than what you have invested.

You must first analyze if you are suited to trading. Some people are not suited to this line of trading and so you should measure your financial objective, the risks involved your financial resources and so on before jumping in this trade. Once you have understood the risk and you are willing to take the risk, you should put in an investment accordingly.

1. Trading is a risky affair.Forex is an extremely risky affair and is not meant to be visualized as retirement funds. So, it is most suitable for customers who
Understand the risks and are willing to undertake it. Financially capable to stand losses that can even exceed the deposited amount.Hence, a proper understanding of the risk is necessary prior to trading in forex.

2. High leverage and low margin can culminate in quick lossOwing to price changes and fluctuations in foreign exchange contracts and cross currency contracts, the combination of high leverage and low margin can lead to significant losses. The initial margin can be small when you compare it with the value of foreign currency and so the transactions can be leveraged. Customers need to maintain the minimum margin requirements in the open position at all times. It is the duty of the customer to keep an eye and monitor his net outstanding balance. If the minimum requirement is not maintained, we hold the right to liquidate all open positions. Similarly, leverages too can lead to high gains as well as losses.

3. Risk reducing orders and strategiesOrders like stop loss orders or stop limit orders that aim at limiting the losses to some upper amount may not be effective because sometimes, it become impossible to execute such orders owing to the market condition.

4. Options – variable degree of riskWhen you are involved in transactions in foreign currency; the risk element increases. You have two options namely put or call and you should be familiar with the differences and meaning of the options. You should be aware of which options need to increase so that you can get higher profits.

The purchaser can either offset or even expire the option depending upon the type of options and the nature of the option that was purchased. Exercising an option is always going to result in a cash statement. There are instances where the purchaser can acquire spot positions as well with associated liabilities for margin.If your purchased options expire worthless, you will suffer a total loss of your investment and it shall also comprise purchase of the option as well as the transaction costs too. It is worth adding that deep out of the money options are least likely to be profitable. There are a lot of details that are involved in buying and selling of options and so when you indulge in it, you should be careful enough to check out all such details thoroughly before you do so as it can have huge repercussions. Check the clauses and the amount of loss it can evoke and related factors before indulging in the same.

5. Market recommendations are solely informational and the choice that you make is yours.The recommendation that we make regarding the market are purely informational based on the stats that we have dug up. It is the discretion of the customer to choose or ignore the recommendations and it is an independent decision on your part. We are not acting as your advisor and we are not liable for the damages, expenses and losses that may be incurred because of subsequent investment. The recommendation serves merely as information that can guide you. The decision to follow it is your own choice.

6. Recommendations are made from personal judgments.The recommendations that we have listed at our site comes from our own personal judgment. We do not guarantee that they will always be consistent with market positions. We extract details from accurate and reliable sources but we cannot guarantee cent percent accuracy all the time.

7. Commission, conversion and other charges.Before starting to trade, you must get a clear detail of all your commission and fees and related charges as well. You must be aware that profit and losses that are incurred in foreign currency denominated contracts will get affected by the changes in rates of foreign currency and the cost of converting from one currency to another will have to be borne by you when calculating net profit and losses.

8. Transactions in other jurisdictions.Transactions on markets linked to domestic market can lead to a lot of additional risks. You should check out such details before dealing with the different transactions and the local regulation authority and markets can affect it as well.

9. Customer may not be able to close the open positions.Sometimes due to the market conditions, we may not be able to close the customer’s position at the level which is specified by the customer.

10. Trading Ahead.We have our own executives and affiliates who may execute orders at the same or may be even better prices than customer order.

11. Internet Trading.When you are trading using the internet platform, there are a lot of different types of risk involved like hardware failure, software failure, internet connectivity issues and so on. Since we are not responsible for IT infrastructure, router connectivity, PC issues, we will not be liable for any loss or damage that can be caused because of it. Further, any subsequent loses that arise because of the same will not be borne by us and you will be held responsible for the same.

12. Creditor Priority in Bankruptcy.You should be familiar with protection accorded money and other property that you have deposited through domestic and foreign exchange transactions. You should check the legislation and rules regarding the amount of money and property that you may have to forfeit, if you are declared as bankrupt.

13. Local Laws.This site is not meant to be used by persons in such country where the use would be contrary to their local laws and regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to check that they are authorized to avail the site of the trading.

Secondary Risk Disclosure: High Risk InvestmentApart from the standard disclosures of risk that are contained in the agreement, one should be aware that margined currency trading is one of the riskiest investments that you can undertake. It is only suited for sophisticated individuals and institutes who are aware of the huge risk and are willing to take it. If you open an account with us, you can trade foreign currencies on a hugely leveraged basis which can be approximately 100 times your otherwise account equity. If you make an initial deposit of 1000$, you can take a maximum position with a total notional market value of 100,000$. However, the funds in the maximum leverage account can be completely lost and you can even lose the whole of your investment as well.

If you have only taken up conservative form of investment, it is advised to study the details of currency trading thoroughly before making an investment here. You have to understand that you could lose all your funds that you deposit as a broker and you may even lose a substantial amount of your capital as well, if you fail to capitalize on the market and invest in wrong transactions.


Signals and Alerts.

At Pattern Sniper.com, we provide foreign currencies in email and on the website.

By using Pattern Sniper.com, you are agreeing that you are using the service at your own risks. We are neither a registered investment advisor nor a broker dealer. There is an extremely high level of risks involved in forex trading and so you should only use your risk capital for forex trading. The past results of our trade are not an indication of the future returns. When you are using the signals, you assume complete responsibility for the profits or the losses that you make. You must agree to the fact that the different platforms may have varying prices. At the same time, it is also feasible that by the time the trade alert is received, the data might have changed and moved in a different direction as well. So, you should use your evaluation to make the right trade when a fluctuation has occurred. The same thing applies for closing a trade as well.


Disclaimer and Warranties.

The services will be provided “as is”. Pattern Sniper.com does not cover warranties that concern the availability and usefulness of information. Any damage or loss that is caused because of omission or misrepresentation, deletion, delay, defect, disruption and so on is not a part of the warranties that we offer. We are not responsible for losses occurring due to failure of the transmission of information, internet trouble, network failure, computer virus, alteration of record, communication line failure.

Pattern Sniper.com and our payment processing service providers are not liable for you or your third party transactions for any direct, indirect or other incidental damage that can be caused due to service unavailability or failure to access the service.



Subscribers need to agree that the payments for their subscription cannot be disputed on grounds of trading losses. If you do not cancel your membership plan, we will charge your account at the end of every your billing cycle, which is every 30 days. We also have options for BUY NOW three months only.



You can unsubscribe at any time using the member’s dashboard and avoid the membership to auto-renew for the next billing period.  We are not responsible for the payment processed if you fail to cancel your subscription on time. If you have any questions regarding this please email us by using the form in this page.



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Copyrights or Trademarks.

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We DO NOT offer any guarantee regarding the profits you would make by using our services! The guarantees that we provide are only related to the good use of our service and are valid if you are a member and subscriber at the site. You need to follow all our instructions and alerts exactly as we instruct.


Covering Losses.

We DO NOT cover ANY account losses! We provide lot size recommendation and it is only up to you if you will use that or will trade by your own beliefs! Forex is not for everyone and you should read our RISK section before anything!


Suggested requirement.


  • Account trading balance at least $3000.
  • Lot size 0.01 or 1 pip=$0.01, but you can use any lot size what you like at your own risk.


Recurring Membership policy.

*The Premium Membership is a recurring subscription and your credit card will be charged again if you do not cancel your subscription. You do not need to make a payment every month manually.  It is your responsibility to cancel the membership before the next billing cycle.  There are NO REFUNDS if the membership is automatically renewed.

All our services will bring you benefits only if you follow all instructions, advice and indications 100% !